Quality & Reliability

Boomaroo began as a small seedling nursery in Werribee, Victoria on the family farm of Michael and Eric Jacometti. Starting from the ground up in 1986, the Jacometti's (joined by brother Theo in 1988) moved from market gardening to seedling production when they realised that vegetable crops could be significantly improved by introducing cell grown seedling transplants. This realisation would revolutionise the vegetable growing industry.

A series of plantings in their market garden, measured against direct-seeded lines revealed that cell grown transplants would improve uniformity, increase yield and reduce growing costs. Neighbouring farms became interested in the Jacomettis' product, and it was soon apparent that the nursery needed to be expanded, ideally outside the vegetable growing area to ensure a disease free environment. In 1998 a new nursery was developed in Lara, close to Geelong, designed in collaboration with government and vegetable industry experts. The capacity of the new nursery also made possible the introduction of quality greenlife (flowering plants), which has grown to become an important part of Boomaroo's business.

Boomaroo is now a world-class production facility, producing uniform, high quality product using highly efficient processes. With 20 hectares under production, our growers benefit not only from the premium quality of our product, but our capacity for continuous supply.

The quality of the seeds Boomaroo sources from 15 different suppliers is of major importance. All seeds are tested for quality against a high standard that ensures growers get the very best plants. The seedlings begin the first few weeks in environmentally controlled glasshouses, and are then moved outside for up to eight weeks to 'harden' against environmental disturbances like rain and wind. At this stage, the cuticle on the leaves gradually thickens to reduce moisture loss.

Boomaroo is focussed on continuous improvement of our products, processes and customer service. This is a reflection of our heritage as a family business, and our ongoing drive for innovation, in order to provide the best quality product available on the market.

Nursery Address

105 St. Andrews Drive
Lara, Victoria.

T: (03) 5282 2199
F: (03) 5282 3969
E: post@boomaroo.com