Supporting women in horticulture is not about giving women a leg up, but about providing opportunities for women working in horticulture across Australia to come together and share their experiences and diverse range of skills. In many cases these women play a major role in successful businesses and we need to continue to encourage their success and share their stories.

Boomaroo Nurseries partnered with AUSVEG VIC to deliver the inaugural, ‘Women in Horticulture’ event to support the contributions of women in the vegetable industry in Victoria. The event showcased a number of professionals across a wide spectrum of industries, with the aim of equipping women with the tools they need for success in every aspect of horticulture. Participants heard a series of exceptional speakers in various occupations discussing brand and creative initiatives, people, culture and the meaning of wellness in modern society. The event was a huge success, with positive reactions and feedback.

Boomaroo has since been announced as the national Hort Connections event sponsor of the Women in Horticulture Award for 2018. The award creates a national focus on encouraging women in horticulture to share their successes, to network and help drive more women to take a leading role within the agricultural and horticultural fields.

Boomaroo also supports initiatives such as GO PINK, using the Hort Connections event as a platform to help raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Boomaroo Nurseries Women in Horticulture

Emily White is our own Head of Marketing, Strategy & New Business Development at Boomaroo Nurseries and is a strong advocate for women in horticulture. Emily believes that it is important for women to support each other in what is traditionally a male dominated industry, to ensure the number of women working in horticulture continues to grow. Emily also believes it is important to encourage new graduates into the industry to ensure it remains diverse with a wide background of experience and knowledge.

Boomaroo Nurseries Women in Horticulture

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