The Environment

Boomaroo is not only committed to its growers and continuous product improvement, but also the environment and consumers.

Increasing global demand for the reduced application of chemicals in the field has led to our development of an advanced chemical application machine that provides an accurate dose of chemical to each cell of between + or - 3%. By delivering a targeted (and more effective) application of chemicals within the nursery prior to field delivery, growers can significantly reduce chemical usage. This has highly positive benefits for the environment, and also consumers through increased product safety.

Boomaroo is also proactively reducing its water usage by 50%. In conjunction with Water Authorities and the Australian government, we are implementing a recycling plant. Of the 200 megalitres of water consumed by Boomaroo per annum, 100 will be recycled within the next 12 months.

The new system captures rainfall from our glasshouse roofs, irrigation drainage, site runoff and stormwater from local residences. The water is stored and treated in a series of ponds and wetlands which capture pollutants and utilise nutrients. From there, the water is processed in a small water treatment and disinfection plant to remove residual contaminants and pathogens.

The improved water efficiency at the nursery will allow expansion of operations without the need for additional water resources.

Nursery Address

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Lara, Victoria.

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